Livingston Ladies to begin Girls 3 on 3

In lieu of the flood and the Livingston parish Jr High Schools having to cancel the 6th grade season, the Livingston Ladies will be hosting a Girls 3 on 3 league at Live Oak HS. All Girls in grades 5th, 6th & 7th grade are welcome to attend. This will be a Saturday only league, starting this Saturday November 5th. Registration will begin at 12:00 noon work outs will begin at 12:30 and run till 3:30. Initial registration will be $35. This will include Insurance and a reversible practice jersey. After that the cost will be $30 for December and $30 for January. The league will conclude in mid February. Each 3 hour session will consist of 1 hour of fundamentals, 1 hour of team concepts and one hour of 3 on 3 play. For more information email


Final Schedule for the 9th Annual Livingston Ladies Invitational

Following is a Revised Schedule for the 9th Annual Livingston Ladies Tournament. There will be coaches packets for each coach at the door containing: schedules, rules, score sheets and wrist bands for coaches. Only coaches with wrist bands will be allowed to sit on the bench. Schedule revised 11:01 am 4/7/2016 changes made-  9th grade opponents and 8th grade schedule changes




Jacket Gym Sched

Live Oak CB Wheat Gym

Live Oak Auxillary Gym

Date Has Been Set for the 9th Annual Livingston Ladies Invitational

Our 9th annual tournament has been set. Once again we have Joined forces with the Baton Rouge Jumpers to host our annual event. We have been blessed with four floors again this year, two at Live Oak HS and two at Denham Springs HS. This gives us the capacity of hosting 48 games at two locations. Last years event was such a success that we decided to follow the same format and have just a one day event.

Last year there was a great turn out and we were able to play 47 games in one day. Our parents, players and volunteers did a wonderful job keeping things rolling allowing us to stay on time. We opened the doors at 8 am, with the first game starting at 8:30 and locking the doors after the last game, which tipped off at 8:50, at 10 pm. We will do the same again this year.

We have built a good reputation for keeping games on time. That is because unlike most tournaments we schedule our games an hour and ten minutes (1:10) to an hour and 15 (1:15) minutes apart, not every hour. This keeps us on time and teams are not sitting around for hours waiting to play. This makes for a better tournament experience for all involved.

All of our officials are LHSAA certified and for the last few years, overall, have done an excellent job with professionalism. Sure there is the occasional game where tempers get high, but that is rare and far between.

For more information click here and on the flyer link below we hope to see you there!

Livingston Ladies AAU Tourney Flyer 2016


The fall league has been moved from Westside Jr HS in Walker to Southside Jr HS in Denham til further notice. The league will still run from Saturday August 15th through Saturday October 31st. All girls grades 5 through 8 are eligible. We will accept 4th graders by evaluation only.
Southside is located at
26535 La. Hwy. 16
Denham Springs, LA 70726
Here is the schedule
  1. Saturday August 15th Registration at 8:00 am and first practice starting at 8:30 am until we finish at Southside Jr HS (one practice only this day).
  2. Sunday August 16th Practice at 2:30 pm Southside Jr HS
  3. Starting August 22nd practice will be every Saturday 8:30- 10:30 am, 1:00- 3:00 pm and every Sunday 2:30-4:30 pm. Three practices a weekend. This will last til either September 12th or 19th. 
  4. Starting either September 12th or 19th Games will begin. Game play will be all day Saturday in either Mandeville or Denham Springs. Like years past, some girls will play 3-4 games a Saturday, but all will play at least 2. 
  5. Once Games begin on either September 12th or 19th, practice will only be on Sundays from 2:30 til 4:30 while games are played on Saturdays
  6. Any Jr high player that sits on their High School’s Bench is eligible to participate through Sunday October 11th
  7. The Fall season will finish with the last games being played Saturday October 31st
  8. That is a total of 17-19 2 hour practices and a minimum of 8-12 games for a total of 25-31 sessions for only $150. That’s only $5 to $6 a session

Hope to see you there. To down load entry form and for more information, click on the tryout button above

The 8th Annual Livingston Ladies Invitational Comes To An End

Forty-four teams, forty-seven games, 4 floors, 12 games on every floor, save one, and a long 14 hour day! But, when it was over, it was a success. Those of you that were not able to attend we hope to see you next year.

We scheduled games an hour and ten minutes apart (not an hour like most organizations); we did not play with a running clock (we’re not into it to make money); the coaches had 4 time outs a game (not 3 like other tournaments); we shot bonus free throws after 7 fouls and double bonus after ten (not bonus FTs after ten like most tournaments); and we finished on time! Don’t tell us you can not host a tournament, give coaches the games they want, play real basketball and finish on time! To all of our Staff, Coaches, parents and the Baton Rouge Jumpers that made this happen- THANK YOU- another successful tourney. 12 games on each floor, first game at 8 am, doors closed at 10 pm. Job well done. You made it happen!

Gene Smith, Jan Smith, Daniel Martin, Sarah Roy, Delia Taylor, Jim Constant and Mike Kuhn, job well done! Thank you for becoming part of the program. All of you are difference makers! No one knows more than me what all of you do, Thank you

Coaches, Michelle Yawn, Brent McMorris, Korey Arnold, Michael Sibley, and Jason Smith thank you for for being there. You did the jobs that were not so glorious, but were necessary. You are as appreciated as any. Thank you for being a part of our program.